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2012.07.04 - Nostalgic Heart.

Ahhhhh!!! It's already july!!! 2012 has gone too fast!!! I remember new years soo clearly! I remember watching it on TV, watching people singing, clouds of cold rising from their mouths and dissipating into the crisp winter air. People with woollen tea-cosies on their heads and the necks wrapped in huge scarves!! Ahhh I miss winter! I'm not sure why because most enjoy the summer wayy better!
Anyway, how are you, my readers?! :] Have you been watching wimbledon? ;] I have!!! And-And-- *Tear in eye* N-Nadal is- is-- OUT!!!! Wahhhhhhh! *CRIES* I LOVE nadal... :''/ And I DON'T like Andy murray :3 lol. I'm not sure why... I just don't like him... ¬  ¬ It has been an exciting but surprising year at wimbledon. (Although I don't USUALLY watch THIS much of it, admittedly...)
Is everyone excited and geared up for the London Olympics?! xD I live about 60/70 miles from the olympic park but, whilst it was my childhood dream to be an olympian, I am finding all the sensationalism kind of annoying. It's almost as if the sporting spirit has been replaced by the desire to rake in as much cash as possible / Let's show the world how partiotic Britian is / Let's show how fearless we are as a nation... ¬  ¬ Which is a huge shame. I wish I had gotten tickets but... now I'm starting to consider the security risk the olympics will present!
Are you excited for the games?! :]

'Til next time!!!


2012.06.23 - Dancing Amongst The Crowds.

Hello!! *WAVES*
How are you?
Whaaaa~ It's. Been. Ages.... Yeah... SORRY!!! *Dogeza*
Anyway, what been happenin'? ((:
I've been so busy with university i'm not even kidding -_-
I have work placement next week with a district nurse so i'm really excited about that! :D
But I'm working saturdays and I'm always busy sundays because of religous commitments so.... that leaves me NO time at all for blogging. Although I will dedicate some time (hopefully at least once a week or once a fortnight...) to posting here. So... WATCH THIS SPACE! There's gonna be a LOT happenin'!! hahaaa!
I recently went to London MCM Expo and it was SOOO crowded... -_- I was literally should to shoulder with other attendees... BUT it was fun! And i bought lots of pocky and ramune and hi-chew and-and-and--
I should stop! lol. Too many yummy japanese sweets!
But I didn't cosplay to Expo... Woe is me... I wanted to do Enterprise but... no money... -_-;;



2012.04.08 - Goodbye.

Hello everyone!! ^ ^
Ahh... i don't know how to say this but...
I'm going on hiatus. I'm SORRY!!!!! O_o
This is due to personal reasons and I won't have internet connection. This will probably last a week to two months but I can't say for certain how long... So, I'm sorry!
I will be posting but just not so much -_-
I'm sorry I've just said 'hello' and now I'm saying 'bye' again but there's not much I can do I'm afraid...
I will be updating at least once a week though... so it's not a full-on hiatus or anything ((: I just won't be living at home ^ ^

anyway, ttyl!!!


2012.04.04 - The Passing Of Time.

It has been a while!! *BOW* How are you?
Just to say - i've started university and it is very hard but i love it! I have NO money but I am enjoying it!!
Oh-oh-oh and it's EASTER!!! YESSS! Two weeks off!! ahaaa
Went to speedway the other Thursday and it was a great win for the Witches!! ;)
The weather has been ok... a bit up and down tbf!! ^^ but I hope it's ok for Speedway on Good Friday ^^;;; Ahaaaa
Trying to study at the minute! I know it's at the back of my mind but I end up procrastinating and.. and...
OK no excuses -_-
it's 12:15 by my clock and I should get ready to study hard!!!
*no motivation though*
oh well....


2011.10.07 - Halcyon Dreams.

Well, I'm home again...
I'm happy... but also not so happy because i will have to work next week...
But I have two days left to relax but I go back into the rat race of work...
I'll update again later with pictures (hopefully) of my holiday and just about what i did there...
Now though I'm just gonna chill and try to make the most of the next two days.


2011.10.01 - Bliss.

Hello everyone!!
And yes, as you can see from the title of this post, I am now off work for a WHOLE WEEK!!!!! Yey ^^
I think i deserve more than a week off work... -_- but, hey :D a week of is certainly a good thing! I'm not gonna complain!
In fact, I'm going on vacation! Bonus ;)
However, i'm not going anywhere particularly exotic. Just somewhere i can blow off a bit of steam and let go.
I'm going with my grandparents to a lodge cabin that they hired. I've seen the pictures and it looks very nice! We're not going far, we're staying in the same county but it's a lodge in the forest which i find quite nice! It'll be an adventure!! :3
Today i had the strangest shift ever. 11:00 - 15:00.
"WHAT?!?!", you might say. "What's the point in THAT?!" And to that I must say... I agree with you. O_o
Hardly any point of working just for four hours really is there? Well, I suppose there is but... still. Just suppose I had to get the train to work and lets also say that it costs approximately £5 one way, thats £10 return. On a four hour shift i would earn £20. By the time i've bought a train ticket i'd only be working for £10...
Pointless? I think so.
But, hey, i'm babbling now...
Today, 1st October 2011, is said to be the hottest recorded October day in the UK! And at this moment in time I'm wiping my forehead with the back of my hand -_- I must say, i do love the warm weather but this is just CRAZY!!!
Oh, but i wouldn't might nice weather for next week ;) *Cannot make her mind up at all...*
It feels even hotter in this room now because the neighbours behind us have cut down the trees that surrounded their house and the back of our garden so the sun is now beating down on me and my brothers room :[ I hope i'll be able to sleep tonight! I can never sleep when it's so HOT!!! D:
Many of my friends, as I said in the last post, have gone to university. I miss a lot of them :( I haven't spoken to most of them in a while. I wonder how they are getting on. University life must be so difficult. You have to juggle your academic work with your finances. :/ *Not looking forward to it!!!* Hahaha no! I actually am really looking forward to studying at university. I look forward to reaching that point in my life. It marks the point at which you become a REAL adult, in the big wide world... *Kind of daunting now... MOVING ON!!*
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the beautiful weather!
Have fun!
'Til next time!


2011.09.23 - Exhausted Warrior.

I LOVE being tired... LOL jk. ¬_¬
I hate working longggg shifts! They not only dragg on and on and on but they make you feel like a zombie and then everything that goes wrong on your shift actually feels a zillion times worse than it actually is....
Anyway, hi!!! :D
It's been a few days since i've posted, i know, but I like to give it a few days between posts because then I have more to say... aha... ^ ^;;
I have only five months left of my gap year and I'm already at wits end!! :L
I just want to start my degree. I don't mind having a break from education though. It's nice to know that I'm not constantly going to school all the time... 9 'til 5. That would be incredibly BORING!
However, so many people have gone to college and uni and now... i'm alone. Eek... -_-; Kind of awkward. And, i mean, I like the people that i work with but... they don't really like me. Or, at least, i get the impression that they do kind of like me but there is too much of a difference between lifestyles. All my workmates love getting drunk every night and partying until 5am, then staring work at 9am... I would rather sit inside, read manga, watch a few Smosh videos or Bad Lip reading videos on YouTube and maybe watch a few episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. Yeah... My idea of a good night is slightly different to theirs. It's not that I don't know how to have a good time. I love going out for meals and going out to the cinema or the theatre but... I have had very bad experiences when I've been drunk. In fact, lets not go there right now...


Yep... and It's so awkward when people at work ask me if i'll be going out to the pub with them. I mean, I don't mean to be rude because it's not like I hate them but... I just don't wanna be stuck in the compromising position of having to decide whether to go to a nightclub or not. I'm also a Christian so at least that a protection (or at least an excuse...)

Anyway I'm rambling!!
'Til next time.